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Stadtmuseum : general survey

City Museum Weimar (Stadtmuseum Weimar im Bertuchhaus)

Friedrich Justin Bertuch (1747 - 1822) was an accomplished writer, publisher and the most influential businessman of the 'Goethe Period' in Weimar. The Bertuchhaus was built as a residence and business space. It was constructed two phases; starting in 1780 and finishing in 1803.

The City Museum of Weimar has been located in the Bertuchhaus since 1954. The museum's collection initially came from acquisitions of various private collections in the 19th century. This collection was taken over by the municipality in 1903. From 1989 to 1999 the institution underwent a comprehensive restoration. The museum presents a permanent exhibition on the history of Weimar covering first settlements to 1990, divided into 17 sections.

The City Museum and the Kunsthalle "Harry Graf Kessler" (a subsidiary art gallery of the museum, Goetheplatz 9b) both have a rich tradition of hosting special exhibitions. The sky lighted gallery was built in 1880. Many significant art exhibitions of the European avant-garde took place here from 1903 to 1906 under the direction of Harry Graf Kessler.

The Collection

The collection of the City Museum is comprised of approximately 100,000 objects relevant to the history and the culture of Weimar.

F. J. Bertuch published one of the first illustrated German fashion magazines, Journal des Luxus und der Moden (1786 - 1827). Because of this connection to fashion, the museum now contains an extensive textile collection that has an importance extending well beyond the region. The collection has a strong focus on 19th and 20th century clothing.

The historical documents, period photographs and official records of the National Assembly (Weimar, 1919) are a uniquely valuable part of the collection.

The Exhibition

The exhibition has two main areas of focus: the life of Friedrich Justin Bertuch and the National Assembly of 1919.

In addition, the permanent exhibition includes topics like:
                Johann Sebastian Bach in Weimar
                Louis Held: court photographer, reporter, filmmaker and inventor
                Alexander Olbricht’s atelier

Educational Offerings

Summaries on the permanent exhibit themes are available; as well as, a detailed history of the house and the museum. These various texts are grouped by theme.

Guided tours and seminars are also offered.

Special events are regularly offered to the public:
               Exhibits and lectures on special topics
               Many events are tailored to families and children
               Holiday events

For more information, please give us a call or ask our personnel at the ticket counter.